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Introducing the Tracing Your Roots Family History Guide and Workbook—a vital companion to embark on your remarkable journey of exploring your family's heritage. If only I had such a comprehensive resource when I first delved into mapping my own family tree!Within the pages of this workbook, you will discover over 70 carefully crafted worksheets designed to guide and assist you in capturing your family's story. But it doesn't stop there! Drawing from my own personal experiences, I've included invaluable insights and first-hand knowledge to ensure you launch your quest with confidence. Learn how to navigate the labyrinth of birth certificates, explore the profound influence of our ancestral past on our future, and unravel the possibilities of modern DNA tests, solving mysteries that were once thought unsolvable. Much of this section is aimed at UK, Ireland, and USA readers, but the principles apply wherever you are in the world!With ample space provided, this workbook grants you the opportunity to meticulously document in-depth information about over 50 ancestors, record details of headstones and memorials, and freely jot down any essential notes. Additionally, a convenient QR code allows you to access a downloadable PDF version of the workbook, enabling you to delve even deeper into your lineage, and, should you make a mistake along the way, fear not - you can easily print extra copies to ensure your records remain pristine.Within the workbook pages, I have included:- Pages to chart your family tree (3)
- Pages for yourself, and your DNA records (2)
- Pages for your parents (2)
- Pages for your Grandparents (4)
- Pages for your Great-Grandparents (8)
- Pages for your Great-Great-Grandparents (16)
- An additional 22 pages for additional ancestors and relations
Which covers 5 generations, including yourself. These pages include space to record:- Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth
- Mother's Name, Date of Birth, and Occupation
- Father's Name, Date of Birth, and Occupation
- Their Spouse(s) and Marriage Date
- Their Children
- When they died, and where they are buried (if they are)
- Certificate checklist - birth, marriage and death
- and space for any useful information
As well as:- 8 pages to record headstone and memorial information
- 8 pages for notes that you can use for reference as you chart your ancestry
And thanks to the PDF download of the workbook, you can go back generation after generation with 100s of ancestors if you like - the only limit is the time and research that you put into it!Wishing you the utmost success on your extraordinary ancestral expedition—remember, perseverance will yield priceless rewards in the end.

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The password to access the file can be found on page 12 or 91 of your workbook! If you can't find it, please email with a copy of your receipt!

Genealogy Breaks

Are you planning to visit County Mayo, Ireland, to explore your Irish heritage and family history? I recommend:- Flying into Ireland West Knock Airport
- Hiring a car from Budget - the team are super friendly
- Staying at The Ellison Hotel in Castlebar, or Heyday in Ballina
These are all central for exploring your heritage, and the towns are well connected for your Irish ancestry.If you'd like someone to show you around, let me know! If I'm in Mayo and you'd like to tap into my knowledge of exploring generations of my Irish ancestry, send me a quick email and I'll be happy to help.

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